Love&Desire Gold woman - 100ml

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This energizing fresh scent, full of life and freedom. People who use this fragrance feel special and unconstrained. Women define this scent as: intriguing, attractive, masculine. It consists of fragrances: grapefruit, birch leaf, cypress, sage, vetiver, patchouli.

Composition - a mix of 4 pheromones

Love & Desire - an original, extremely effective blend of 4 pheromones

Most of the commercially available pheromones are based on the chemical compounds androstenol and androstenol. Pheromones Love & Desire have the next two important ingredients: androsteron and androstadienone. This recipe was created specifically to provide maximum effect to your customers.

The action of each of these pheromones is supported by scientific research and is already well known.


The nominations and the huge popularity of Love & Desire makes them the most popular pheromone fragrance in Poland. 


Love & Desire PREMIUM can apply people of all ages. Just spray the perfume just like you did so far with your favorite fragrances.


Many years of experience in the perfume and erotic industry have resulted in a unique men's product. Love & Desire PREMIUM EDITION is not only a seductive fragrance but also a high quality perfume package.

Bearing in mind the highest possible conversions of the shops of the cooperating companies, we have relied on proven solutions. The project was made in cooperation with the leading graphic studio in the country. The product is exceptionally well presented both in the shop shelf and in the photographs. We have made every effort to ensure that the photos reflect the full range of products offered.

In addition, each of our products has a unique bar code.

The greatest popularity on the market!

Love & Desire is the most popular pheromone in Poland, and this is confirmed by numerous articles in the prestigious lifestyle press.


Love&Desire series product:

Our pheromones do not have sets consisting of different pheromones, because each of them is completely different. In addition, most have different capacities, so it is unnecessary to enter sets. After conducting retail research, we have come to the conclusion that introducing a full offer of pheromones, thereby increasing customer choice, increases the probability that a customer will complete a purchase in your store by more than 35%! We conducted the research in cooperation with several e-commerce shops.

All brands of pheromones available in the Eromed warehouse are practically in unlimited quantities, we are their direct distributor. Introducing all pheromone brands will increase your turnover! Therefore, we recommend putting the kits to your offer from the very beginning!

Guarantee products 180 days!

As the only one in Europe we have introduced the possibility of return of purchased products within 180 days of receipt of the shipment. Products can be returned without giving a reason.