Pheromone Essence woman - 7,5 ml

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Pheromone Essence ™ is the pure essence of pheromones of the popular Sexual Health Series brand. These pheromones have been on the market for over 10 years and during this time they gained immense popularity. They owe it to the incredibly pure essence of pheromones that gives great satisfaction. Pheromone Essence ™ are available in women's and men's with a 7.5ml capacity.

Pheromone Essence ™ gaining huge popularity among platform customers sales and e-shops was also noticed by the lifestyle press:

Use of Pheromone Essence ™:

Pheromone Essence ™ is based on the highest quality Androstenone. The 7.5 ml bottle has a special dispenser that allows you to add the pheromone to your favorite perfume (maximum 100 ml) or apply it directly to the skin or clothes. Remember that pheromones applied directly to the skin are much more effective. And they last for weeks. You can mix them with your perfume or spot them and use perfume additionally.

  • Packaging: 7.5 ml dropper bottle
  • Yield: 150 drops
  • Number of pheromones in 1 drop: 17 mcg
  • Average duration of use / daily use: 3 months

Attention! Highly concentrated product:

If you are looking for really effective pheromones then forget about cheap fakes. The difference between the original pheromones and their cheaper counterparts is the same as in the case of perfumes. Cheap perfumes smell similar at first, but they weather out very quickly. It is similar with pheromones, except that it is not about the smell, but about their composition and saturation.

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Guys loose their heads for your friends and  you have the impression that there is still something you avoid? Maybe it's a matter of shyness in dealing with people?Or maybe you have the feeling that you're inferior, weaker, less attractive? So, get ready  for a big shock, because that what you will learn about the pheromones now, will change your life forever.
Now you can help your happiness with the latest learning achievements. It's effective as nature and simple as the use of perfume. The essence of pheromones Pheromone Essence will help you strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence, raise Your attractiveness and, consequently,  men won't be able to take their eyes off you. It’s odourless and therefore using it, you don't have to resign from your favorite perfume. You Simply have to jumble pheromones with perfume or use them pointly and then use the perfume as usual.
It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do and how you look, you can be a lot more sexy than you think.

Do you sometimes hear these words: she’s got this thing? Each woman has this thing, but not each of them is able to expose it. The pheromones will abstract your sex appeal in natural way.


Women have their ways to be attractive. Sometimes a little bit shattering. They torture themselves by diets, push in bodice, wear mountainous heels, spend Fortune for hairdresser and cosmetics – and everything to attract men. Isn’t it easier and better to still be yourself and use natural ways to attract men? Try Pheromone Essence and see that none of parties won’t be like it used to be!
This is how the women pheromones wok – attract men in invisible way. They „send signals”, which can help find ourselves in crowd.

Sometimes not the one and only man will feel your feminina aura thanks to using pheromones.And then what you do with it depends only on you.
Pheromone Essence will make you attractive in men’s eses and dominative in women’s eyes. For instancje if you have boss at work, who gives you a hard time, this fragrance will wear her down effectively. Pheromone Essence will add you confidence, what helps you demonstrate what you can affors.


Pheromone Essence is scentless and can be used with your favourite perfume, which is why it’s loved by each woman. This product is praised by customers from the entire world. Pheromone Essence is the best product to seduct.

Pheromone Essence really works and it’s unbeaten leader among pheromones. It contains the stron gest substances, which cause changing men’s mood. It acts „invisibly” – nobody, even you, won’t feel any fragrance but yours.


  • Strenghten self-confdience and attractivness
  • Adds sex appeal
  • Being eyecatcher
  • Raise faith
  • creates the invisible seductive aura around you
  • can be used with your perfume, because Pheromone Essence is scentless

Guarantee of satsaction ! 


Pheromone Essence is based on Androstenone. The vial 7.5 ml has special dispenser, what enables to pour pheromone into favourite perfume (maximum 100 ml) or applying it directly to the skin or clothes. Remember, pheromones applicated directly to the skin works more effectively. And they are enough for a lot of weeks. You can mix them with your perfume or apply point-wise and additionally use perfume.

  • Package: 7.5 ml vial with the dropper
  • Productivity: 150 drops
  • Amount of pheromones in 1 drop: 17 mcg
  • Average time of the use / applied every day: 3 months
  • Composition: Pheromone parfum, dipropylene glycol
  • Remember! Product is strongly concentrated, apply not more than 1-2 drops!

Product intended for adults. Store in the dark and dry place away from children. Don't apply in case of allergy to any ingredient. If you look for really effective pheromones, forget about cheap fakes. Difference between original pheromones and their cheaper equivalents is the same as the difference in perfume. At the beginnig Cheap perfume smells similarly, but very becomes flat. Similarly to pheromones, but for their composition and saturation.