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Pheromone Essence ™ is the pure essence of pheromones of the popular Sexual Health Series brand. These pheromones have been on the market for over 10 years and during this time they gained immense popularity. They owe it to the incredibly pure essence of pheromones that gives great satisfaction. Pheromone Essence ™ are available in women's and men's with a 7.5ml capacity.

Pheromone Essence ™ gaining huge popularity among platform customers sales and e-shops was also noticed by the lifestyle press:

Use of Pheromone Essence ™:

Pheromone Essence ™ is based on the highest quality Androstenone. The 7.5 ml bottle has a special dispenser that allows you to add the pheromone to your favorite perfume (maximum 100 ml) or apply it directly to the skin or clothes. Remember that pheromones applied directly to the skin are much more effective. And they last for weeks. You can mix them with your perfume or spot them and use perfume additionally.

  • Packaging: 7.5 ml dropper bottle
  • Yield: 150 drops
  • Number of pheromones in 1 drop: 17 mcg
  • Average duration of use / daily use: 3 months

Attention! Highly concentrated product:

If you are looking for really effective pheromones then forget about cheap fakes. The difference between the original pheromones and their cheaper counterparts is the same as in the case of perfumes. Cheap perfumes smell similar at first, but they weather out very quickly. It is similar with pheromones, except that it is not about the smell, but about their composition and saturation.

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Pheromone Essence for him – original and invisible pheromones

Pheromone Essence is a professional, original product, which deserves to be called a true leader. It contains the strongest dose of pheromones, awaking women's desire. If you want to see how it works, just try. Join a unique group of guys who rediscover their masculinity and enjoy their life. No matter who you are and how you look, you can be more masculine than you think.

And if you could attract the eyes of the most beautiful women?

Pheromone Essence is a product recommended by customers from all over the world. It's been tested by the millions of men with sensational results. Pheromone Essence is the best product to seduce.


Scentless pheromones Essence contain potent, concentrated dose of high quality pheromones. They can be used with your favorite perfume. Just mix them with perfume or a small amount of the drops separately in places that emit heat , such as armpits, neck, wrists.
Pheromone Essence is a high quality product which in 100% fit your needs! It deserves to be called a leader because of its high efficiency. It contains the strongest dose of pheromones, initiating desire in women. If you want to find out what is the real effect of pheromones, try a proven brand products.
The main function of pheromones for men is awaking women's desire. But it's not all what Pheromone Essence can do for you. Its composition is based on the highest-quality androsterone, which has a positive effect on your attractiveness and confidence in the other people company. For this particular component is professional and social success. Pheromone Essence will give you the aura of dominator, which will make women notice your strength and become more submissive, and the other men clearly feel respect towards you. The effect of pheromones is a natural, subtle and immediately noticeable. Pheromones can be very useful to gain a leadership position and respect of professional success.

Thanks to Pheromone Essence you will easily

  • Attract women’s eyes
  • Feel the men’s power
  • Awake women’s desire
  • Feel more attractive in the company
  • gain an advantage over other men
  • have an aura of self-confidence
  • be successful professional and social

High quality, which ensures a high concentration of pheromones, it's reliable operation, which is worth the price. The Pheromone Essence includes not only one pheromone, but also other components, which improve its operation.
Do not risk buying cheap pheromones available on the Polish market. Buy confidence and proven formula in the original bottle. With Pheromone Essence you are guaranteed success, proven by our satisfied customers.


The best in use of pheromones is their acting in a completely invisible way, without your participation. They create a strong and charm aura around you , which is hard to resist. Pheromones action is proven by scientific evidence, conducted for years by scientists from around the world. Smell is one of the basic human senses, which enabled human to survive for hundreds of years and the extension of the genre. Thanks to smell, it's possible to choice a gender naturally. The smell can lure or repel another entity - a fact existing in both the people and the animals. If you want to learn more about the selection and attraction between people, read

Article devoted to the pheromones:

There is no denying the fact that people are constantly directed somewhat primitive reflexes, external stimuli and needs. Nature and chemistry often guide us, regardless our willingness and awareness in this regard.
This is why pheromones become attractive. These are substances naturally present in animal and plant organisms, responsible for many aspects of development, survival and extension of the genre. They're included at humans in inter alia, saliva, sweat and urine. Their work is often invisible, because it doesn't emit fragrance, but still act and cause instinctive reactions.
Pheromones can cause, for example, a completely different attitude to different units or conduct, which themselves would not suspect. They also affect self-confidence, humor and interest in the opposite sex. How is it possible that some people with no trouble gain further knowledge, dominate in groups, they’re respected from the first meeting or raise an amazing confidence? Many times it’s just the action of pheromones. They’re used even in supermarkets to sell expensive products or by salesmen who after using pheromones can be very persuasive.

Accordingly synthetic pheromones combined with those obtained from plants can be purchased in the form of perfumes or fragrances interesting as scentless oils, which can be connected with your own cosmetics. Pheromones are most commonly used directly on the skin at points that produce most of their own pheromones, such as the neck, wrist or around the ears. If you want to feel increased confidence, greater interest of the opposite sex, dominate, cause trust or facilitate your contacts in everyday life, perhaps pheromones are just for you.

The article comes from the site of free articles for reprint


Pheromone Essence is based on the highest quality androstenone. The bottle 7.5 ml has a special dispenser which allows to refill pheromone to favourite perfume (up to 100 ml) or use it directly on the skin or clothes. Remember that pheromones applied directly to the skin works a lot better. And they will last for weeks. You can mix them with their perfume or use spot and additionally use perfume.

  • Package: 7.5 ml bottle with droppe
  • Capacity: 150 drops
  • Number of pheromones in 1 drop: 17 mcg
  • The average duration of use / used every day: 3 months
  • Ingredients: Pheromone parfum, dipropylene glycol
  • Remember! The product is highly concentrated, so use no more than 1-2 drops!

The product is intended for adults. Store in a dark, dry place away from children. Don't use the product if you are allergic to any ingredient. If you are looking really effective pheromones, forget about cheap counterfeit. The difference between the original pheromones and cheaper ones is that, as in the case of perfumes. Cheap perfume smell like at the beginning, but very fast goes flat. The same situation is with pheromones, except that it'snot about the smell, but about their composition and saturation.

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