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Chakra ™ are pheromones of the popular Sexual Health Series brand. These pheromones have been on the market for over 10 years and in this time gained immense popularity. They owe it primarily to the unusual recipe of 7 Chinese pheromones. Chakra ™ is a pheromone only for men with a capacity of 10ml .

Chakra ™ gaining huge popularity among customers of sales platforms and e-shops was also noticed by the lifestyle press:

Smell of Chakra ™:

It's just Sex & Power. This fragrance cannot be described, you have to smell it! Women who were asked for their opinions described him as oriental, decisive, masculine and arousing. This seductive note works from the first contact.

How Chakra ™ works in relationship:

Chakra ™ is the perfect product not only to seduce and make new friends, but also to deepen the bond with a long-term partner. If you want to recall emotions from the beginning of a relationship, use Chakra ™ . Even after 20 years of living together, your love can rise to the top again.

Chakra ™ Composition:

Thanks to the high content of pheromones (over 7 mg per 10 ml) Chakra ™ was recognized as a product of the highest quality > in its class. They are reliable pheromones that are irreplaceable both in the art of seduction and in everyday interpersonal communication.

Androstenol, Androstenone, Androsteron + 4 new pheromones, which have not appeared in any other product so far, guarantee the highest effectiveness.

Product Return Guarantee 180 days

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CHAKRA – aromatic pheromones with perfume for men

Original chinese Chakra – only with us! A unique formula and high quality at a competitive price!

With pride we present most advanced new generation product, which ingredients knocks down competitive substances. Chakra comprises up to 7 pheromones of extremely high concentration level of 0.727 mg/ml. Thanks to its unique formula experts do not hesitate to call Chakra the most effective among pheromones market.
Thanks to extremely high concentration  (over 7 mg for 10 ml) Chakra was approved as a product of highest quality in its class. Not only Chakra pheromones is indispensable in seduction, but also in communication.
Its effect has been proved not only in laboratory tests but it is also confirmed by thousands of men from around the world

Use Chakra pheromones and you will feel that

  • People trust you more
  • People succumb to your influence more easily
  • You are more confident
  • Your appeal grows
  • other men listen to you and take you as their friend
  • you will notice greater agitation
  • ease in establishing relationships with humans
  • emphasize personality and creates an aura of sensuality

How  use Chakra?

You can use Chakra whenever you want– it proves its worth during important dealings at office, social and daily meetings, and spectrum of its action is broad and effective.

Chakra is reliable in any social situation. It works when you settle important things official, business, banking, or in places where a good first impression counts.It's applicable also in places like night clubs, pubs, cinemas, in places where you have the opportunity to get to know someone, appears "chemistry" and sends positive signals to both sexes..

Even while doing daily activities you'll notice how Chakra afects your ability of compeling the sympathy of others. The name of this remarkable pheromone comes from the Japanese language - means one of the energy centres, affecting physical health, mental, emotional and spiritual man. This is a thorough explanation of the chakra. Thanks to Chakra,  people will start to consider you as strong and attractive man who knows what he wants in life. In addition, you will be more popular, because people will start to receive you as a person-oriented friendly to the environment.

How does Chakra smell?

It’s just  Sex & Power. This fragrance is impossible to describe, you have to feel it! Women who have been asked for opinions, described it as an oriental, determined,  masculine and vibrant. This seductive note works from the first contact.

What can Chakra pheromones bring to your relationship?

Chakra is a perfect produkt not only to seduct and make new acquaintances, but also to deep ties with lontime partner. If you want to bring back the emotions from the beginning of relationship, use Chakra. Even after 20 years of living together, your love can once again rise to the top.


Androstenole, Androstenone, Androsterone + 4 new pheromones that no other pheromone product contains.


the product is intended for adults only. Don’t use it if you are allergic to any of the preparation ingredients. Please read carefully the list of ingredients listed below. We are the only distributor of the Chakra on the Polish market. Beware of cheap imitations and non-original products.

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