Penilarge Spray - 50 ml

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Penilarge is a line products of the renowned Sexual Health Series brand, which has been on the market for over 10 years. During this time, it has gained many satisfied customers around the world. The composition of Penilarge™ has been improved twice until an ideal solution has been achieved, both in terms of value for money, but also increasing its effectiveness and speed of operation.



We would like to inform you that all Sexual Health Series products have been distinguished not only by a wide group of specialists dealing with the subject of intimate dietary supplements, but above all they have been appreciated and awarded with the Consumer's Laurel, receiving the title of 'Discovery of the Year' which confirms the satisfaction of customers with the use of Sexual products Health Series including Penilarge™.


Penilarge is a product of the highest quality. Herbal ingredients are obtained from organically grown herbs. Proper cultivation, harvesting and processing, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 and HACCP standards, ensures that it is a product of the highest quality. Viamen ™ is safe, its ingredients are of natural origin. Let your clients feel what it is like to be proud of their masculinity with the new Penilarge.


Many years of experience in the industry with supplements and erotic have resulted in the creation of a unique product for men. Penilarge™ is not only a line of penis enlargement products, but also increases the satisfaction with men's sexual life ..
Based on the experiences and opinions of customers, in February 2014 we changed the packaging of Penilarge products.

Bearing in mind the highest possible conversions of stores of companies cooperating with us, we relied on proven solutions. The project was made in cooperation with a leading graphic studio in the country. The product looks exceptionally well both on the store shelf and in the photos. We have made every effort to ensure that the photos fully reflect the products offered. Each of our products has an individual EAN code.


Popularity Penilarge:

Penilarge is the most popular product line on the European market of penis enlargement. Many years of work of the marketing team made it extremely popular among customers of e-commerce stores. Below is a screen of the Penilarge brand page. Go to and get inspiration for your description.

Series products Penilarge:

The entire series of Penilarge ™ products consists of capsules, cream, gel and spray. All products in the series are safe and extremely popular. Capsules are used as the basis of treatment, the cream strengthens and complements it. On the other hand, the gel can also be used during intercourse, as well as the spray, which also works temporarily, increasing the volume of the penis glans.

When creating an offer in your online store, we also recommend entering product sets from the entire series. Below we present examples of sets graphically. The research we conducted with several of our partners who owned retail stores showed that the sets increase your profit by generating a turnover that is up to 40% higher!

The entire list of sets, suggested retail prices, miniatures, banners, visualizations and other materials necessary for their introduction can be found in the "Sets" tab. Research has clearly shown that sets will increase your turnover, so we recommend adding sets to your offer from the very beginning!

Unique formula Penilarge Spray™:

The secret of Penilarge ™ is the recipe, refined down to the smallest detail. Its components are natural ingredients with properties supporting the body.This preparation is a gel with amazing properties, in addition, it can be used freely during intercourse. Check Composition for a full list of ingredients.

  • Paulinia Guarana fruit extract - stimulates and stimulates blood circulation
  • ginseng root extract - revitalizes and regenerates tissues
  • oat leaf extract - activates cells to divide
  • hops extract - anesthetizes and nourishes
  • nettle extract - strengthens and soothes
  • glycerin - provides flexibility and hydration            

Action Penilarge Spray™:

Penilarge Spray ™ is not only about instant penis enlargement during intercourse. Penilarge Spray ™ thanks to the composition of the nettle extract, neutralizes the unpleasant problem of excessive sweating in men. Its deodorizing properties not only reduce testicles and penis sweating, but also eliminate harmful bacteria that can cause infections and even penile mycosis. Penilarge Spray ™ acts directly on the cause of the problem, which is rapidly growing bacteria. Your partner will also be impressed by the new look of your penis. Penilarge Spray ™, thanks to the strong concentration of hops and glycerin, nourishes and firms the skin of your penis and testicles.

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