SEX ELIXIR Spanish Fly - 15ml

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Sex Elixir ™ is a dietary supplement of the renowned Sexual Health Series brand, which has been on the market for over 10 years. It is the most popular aphrodisiac in Poland. During this time it has also gained many satisfied customers all over the world.

Sex Elixir™ gaining great popularity among customers of sales platforms and e-stores was also noticed by the lifestyle press:

Sex Elixir ™ action:

The ingredients contained in Sex elixir stimulate the body, causing strong blood circulation of intimate spheres - both women and men .
The strong concentration of ingredients will help ignite even the coldest woman to become a fiery and passionate lover .
Increase in libido in you and your partner is now possible, just after a few drops!
Drops can be added to beverages , because they do not change their taste.
Just add approx. 10 drops into the drink you consume, and after a while you and your partner can feel great excitement!

Sex Elixir™ product line:

Sex Elixir ™ is the strongest aphrodisiac on the market, with several versions. Sex Elixir Premium ™ is a bigger and more powerful version. The other three are functional aphrodisiacs: Sex Elixir for men ™ and Libido Elixir for women ™ is a targeted action on men or women, and Sex Elixir for couple ™ is intended for couples.

Sex Elixir ™ full legality:

Sex Elixir ™ has full documentation and is fully manufactured in Poland, approved by Polish and European regulators, thus ensuring the highest quality at the best price. Sex Elixir is subject to constant controls, has all the necessary documents and certificates, including application to GIS, EFSA or FDA certificate. It is produced in accordance with GHP and GMP while maintaining the HAACP ISO 22000 standards.

Product Return Guarantee 180 days


Spanish Fly - Sex Elixir!

If you are planning an enjoyable pickup evening, this Spanish bow tie will be a great way to say goodbye to your shyness. Thanks to Sex Elixir, you not only increase your libido , but most of all you feel a great surge of self-confidence . In other words, you become an alpha male that no woman can resist. On the other hand, as befits an aphrodisiac, it significantly increases the sex drive. It keeps you focused on your goal, and you feel any tactile stimuli much more strongly. This in turn means that when you climax, you'll feel much more!

But you don't have to worry about being all tense - quite the opposite! Sex is the perfect moment to relax and that's how Sex Elixir works - you'll be relaxed and more sexually efficient at the same time, thanks to, among others, a stronger and longer erection. How the Spanish fly works:

  • Maximum libido increase
  • Unrestrained appetite for sex
  • A feeling of relaxation of the body
  • Increase sexual performance
  • Strong and intense orgasms
  • Long erection.

From a shy boy to a hot man

You tried to pick up a girl many times, but couldn't break your way? Did you know that Spanish flies are especially recommended in such situations? Thanks to such a preparation you bring out a passionate lover . On the other hand, increasing your libido and being ready for sex makes you gain self-confidence. Try it yourself by adding a few drops to your drink. What is the effectiveness according to the research:


Free yourself from routine:

Do you feel locked into your daily routines and looking for a way to break out of them? If your sex has become an unbearable routine, Sex Elixir will help you overcome it. Just one application will significantly awaken your sexual creativity. You'll be more likely to play games that you haven't had the courage to try. Above all, however, you will increase your intimate activity, which will surprise both the new partners and the current one. You can also order a Spanish bow tie for your wife! Research shows that after using the presented preparation in women, their libido increases threefold! You yourself will quickly notice how she will feel like having sex! See what Sex Elixir will change in your relationship:

  • Awakens desire in women
  • More than triples the libido level
  • He ignites a love desire in a dying relationship
  • Lets make love all night long.

Don't stress!

This "first time" is always a big stress for many men and women. The desire to prove yourself in your role as male or female is often paralyzing. The Spanish fly is a great way to get excited and at the same time get rid of unpleasant stress. Thanks to the properties of Sex Elixir, you will relax and gain full control over your body. Increased libido will make you not have to worry about disappointment and problems with achieving an erection. You will definitely gain the opinion of the perfect lover, experiencing strong stimuli and mega orgasm yourself!

Check why together with Sex Elixir you will experience your best intercourse:

  • Definitely increase in sexual arousal
  • A feeling of relaxation during intercourse,
  • Breaks down shyness during first intercourse
  • Intensification of sensations during sex and orgasm.

Find out the secret of Sex Elixir!

It is a unique dietary supplement which, almost immediately after taking it, makes you want to get closer and flirt. Thanks to its properties, it works on both women and men. In women, it increases the level of libido thus causing the desire for sex, in men it stimulates and maintains an erection. It is the strongest agent of this type available on market!


How to apply it? Mix 8 drops of the product with a (cool!) drink. Drink it, and after 15 minutes you will be in full effect.

Libido and erection and SexElixir!

The presented preparation is primarily a Spanish fly. So the price includes a measure that greatly affects your self-confidence, strengthens erection, and on the other hand - increases your appetite for intimate games. It is as effective for men and women as it is, so any adult can use it without consequences! So choose two in one an aphrodisiac and your way to female libido.


Safety of use

By using Sex Elixir as recommended, you don't have to worry about side effects. It is a completely safe dietary supplement!

How to dose?

A single dose of Sex Elixir is about 8 drops added to the drink.

How to apply?

It's simple - add 8 drops to cool drinks (e.g. alcohol). However, when hot, increase the dose 3 times. You can also use the preparation orally.