Sex Elixir for Couple 30ml

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Sex Elixir for coupe ™ is a dietary supplement of the recognized brand Sexual Health Series , which has been on the market for over 10 years.  It is the most popular aphrodisiac in Poland. During this time it has also gained many satisfied customers all over the world.

Awards and distinctions:


We would like to inform you that all Sexual Health Series products have been awarded not only by a wide group of specialists dealing with the subject of intimate dietary supplements, but most of all they have been appreciated and awarded Consumer Laurel receiving the title of 'Discovery of the Year', which confirms the satisfaction of customers with the use of Sexual Health Series products, including the Sex Elixir for couple .


HACCP and ISO 22000

Sex Elixir for couple ™ is a product of the highest quality. Herbal ingredients are obtained from organically grown herbs. Proper cultivation, harvesting and processing, compliant with the requirements of ISO 22000, HACCP standards gives you confidence that this product The highest quality. Sex Elixir for couple is safe , its ingredients are of natural origin. Let your clients feel what it is like to be proud of their sex life with the new formula.


Many years of experience in the industry with supplements and erotic have resulted in the creation of a unique product for couples. Sex Elixir for couple ™ is not only an incredibly effective aphrodisiac that gives a chance for a successful pick-up but also increases the satisfaction with men's sexual life.

The popularity of Sex Elixir for couple :

Sex Elixir for couple ™ is one of the most popular products on the Polish market supplements prolonging intercourse . Many years of work of the marketing team made it extremely popular among customers of e-commerce stores. Below we present you search data of only one phrase: 'sex elixir' in the most popular internet search engine in the world. Of course, the results presented below apply only to one keyword , other phrases with this word are not counted, so enjoys a much greater number of searches than the one presented in the chart.

Premium version of Sex Elixir :

Sex Elixir ™ has its over 3x stronger version , which is a premium version strong>. After Sex Elixir ™ gained such a wide following, a more satisfying version was also created.

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Who is Sex Elixir for couple ™ for:

  • Parom
  • For timid people - to stimulate
  • For cold-hearted people to discover hot Latin nature
  • For married couples and long-term couples - to rekindle the fire that burned between you
  • For trouble with potency
  • In order to increase the intensity of sexual sensations

Action Sex Elixir for couple ™:

The ingredients contained in Sex elixir for couple stimulate the body, causing strong blood circulation of intimate spheres - both men and women .
The strong concentration of ingredients will help to ignite even the coldest woman to become a fiery and passionate lover .
Increase in libido for you and your partner is now possible, in just a few drops!
Drops can be added to beverages as they do not change their taste.
Just add approx. 15 drops into the drink consumed, and after a while you and your partner can feel great excitement!

Product Return Guarantee 180 days

All products of the warehouse are covered by a satisfaction guarantee. As our customer you can return the purchased products within 180 days without giving any reason and we will refund your money immediately.